Environmental Policy
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At Woodcut Components we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously.  To view our environmental policy click HERE to download a full PDF copy.

Woodcut Components and Interiors

Environmental Policy

Timber is one of man's oldest allies, providing warmth and shelter since the earliest days. As a naturally renewable resource it is the most environmentally friendly raw material available today.

We are proud to be involved in the timber trade, but are not complacent about the impact of the company's operations. Only by striving to minimise any environmental impact will we ensure a future that benefits the company, customers, stakeholders and the public. Our Environmental Policy Statement clearly shows that we take these issues seriously:

As processors of timber and timber products Woodcut Components and Interiors is fully aware of the impact that forestry, like all industries, can have on the environment. We recognise our responsibility to reduce the impact on the environment as far as this is ecologically and economically possible.

Our commitment to the environment means that as far as possible we use goods

from renewable resources to manufacture products that are of maximum use with the minimum consumption of resources.

Protecting forests, water supplies and air quality is crucial to the survival and development of our business. Our responsibility to the natural environment is the same as that we owe to our customers, employees and the society at large.

Environmental Strategy:

Sustainable forestry and the protection of biological diversity

We source timber from those suppliers using forestry methods that exploit the forest's own ability to renew and sustain itself while preserving biological diversity.

Conservation of resources

Woodcut Components and Interiors reduces raw material waste, conserves energy and minimises the use of non-renewable raw materials and fuels.

Indirect processes

Our manufacturing process and emissions should not harm the environment. Where possible we use technology to increase closure of process circuits and the treatment of emissions.

Waste minimisation recycling and sustainability

We aim to reduce waste and, as far as possible, recycle waste paper and our own production waste to produce new products or energy.

Supplier conformity

We encourage our suppliers to meet the same standards of environmental awareness and openness that we apply to ourselves.

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